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Welcome to this first entry of the Marriage Class Online Blog. We hope you enjoy it and will give us your opinions and thoughts on the various blog posts that will be coming. This blog is about relationship education, relationship success and development of relationship skills that research has shown characterizes successful relationships versus those that don't success. This blog us sponsored by Marriage Class Online and written by psychologist and marriage therapist Dr Tony Fiore. 

MarriageclassOnline is a marriage education program that you should try before marriage counseling. 

UndecidedDid You Know  that.......

The divorce rate in California for first marriages is 50%

The divorce rate for second marriages is 60% (why don't we learn?)

The divorce rate for people who have affairs and then marry their lover is 70%. 

LaughingRelationship Humor: And that's when the fight started.......

My wife and I were watching WHO WANTS TO Be A Millionaire while we were in bed.

I turned to her and said, "Do you want to have sex?"

"No" she replied. I then said,

"Is that your final answer?"

She didn't even look at me this time, saying simply , "Yes."

So I said, "then, I'd like to phone a friend."

And that's when the fight started. 

SurprisedMarriage Class Online Relationship Tip

According to marital expert, Dr. Brent Atkinson , a hallmark of people who are good at getting their partners to treat them well is that they know that when they get upset with their partners, it doesn't necessarily mean that their partners have done something wrong. They realize that there are many different ways of prioritizing things that can work in relationships. People who are less effective in their relationships don't realize this. When their priorities or preferences are different than their partners, more often they believe theirs is are right and their partners are wrong.

Fact is, there are many different way of doing life and research show that one of the reasons people do life differently is because their way of doing thing calms down their nervous system. According to Dr. Atkinson, and also my personal clinical experience, there appear to be five differences in our nervous systems that most often result in partners becoming critical of each other. In coming blogs we will discuss and give examples of these core differences in doing life based on the wiring of our nervous system. Now, let's read about a common issue among couples who do life differently:

The case of Joe and Marie: How clean should we keep the house? 

Joe is outraged in one of our local anger management classes.  Seems that his wife does not keep the house as clean as he would like. When asked why people should necessarily keep their houses spic and span, he said "because that's the way it SHOULD BE." I then asked for a show of hands of anyone who knew successful married couples who had a messy house. Guess what? Some class members knew very successful couples in this category, as well as successful couples who in fact keep their house spotless. Point is that many of us have different standards for cleanliness and our standard (whatever it is) isn't necessarily the only one or the right one. Realizing this and accepting it instead of assuming that your partner is 100% wrong and you are 100% right is the first step toward opening a dialogue around the issue so perhaps a solution can be reached. 

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