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  • Core Differences in Ways of Maintaining Emotional Stability
    This article, by Dr. Brent Atkinson, discusses five common differences in coping styles (or ways of maintaining emotional stability) that most often underlie relationship gridlocks, and identifies how partners who have these differences resolve them successfully.
  • Habits of People Who Know How to Get Their Partners to Treat Them Well
    Part I-Dealing with Differences
    Brent J. Atkinson, Ph.D.
    All partners in long-term relationships feel dissatisfied with or disapproving of each others' viewpoints or actions at various times. Evidence suggests that some people know how to handle such moments in ways that cultivate respectfulness and receptivity in their partners. Others react in ways that make it very unlikely that their partners will be able to genuinely care.

    Studies suggest that the ability to react effectively when feeling upset is not optional-it is a must for anyone who hopes to have a satisfying intimate relationship. In this article I'll introduce six habits that are characteristic of people who are skilled at eliciting respect, caring and cooperation from their partners. I'll describe how people who know how to get their partners to treat them well go about doing it. To make it as relevant to you as possible, in some places I'll discuss how you can implement these habits in your relationship with your partner.

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