Marriage Class Online

Discover the 8 Keys to a Happy Marriage

If you're in an unhappy marriage, these secrets can help you strengthen, or even save it without costly marriage counseling.

Strengthen your relationship, reduce anger and negative thinking, and restore the joy you once felt!

If you're not ready to give up on your relationship learn what steps you can take to rekindle your love.

Learn from an Experienced Marriage Counselor

For over 35 years, I've helped revive marriages for hundreds of couples whose relationships were being torn apart by the effects of hidden anger, poor communication, and unrealistic expectations.

Four Reasons to Use This Course to Rejuvinate or Make a Decision About Your Relationship

  • Inexpensive yet helpful alternative to marriage therapy
  • Convenience–take the course from the comfort of your own home on your time schedule
  • Multimedia program is easy and fun to use
  • Solid material written by a seasoned Ph.D. psychologist and marriage therapist

Is Your Relationship in Trouble?

Want to know the warning signs that you may be headed for a breakup? Take a short quiz so you can turn things around before it's too late!

This Program is Perfect For:

  • Pre-married couples who want to work out relationship issues before taking the final step
  • Young married (or cohabiting) couples who have too much conflict and want to improve things before their relationship deteriorates further
  • Long-term married people who may be on the verge of divorce, but want to try every possible avenue of help first
  • Any Couple who is experiencing relationship problems
  • Individuals in a troubled relationship in which the partner will not participate
  • Individuals who want to improve, develop good relationship habits and be better people